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Couples College


This group work teaches couples to understand that fighting isn’t the problem and provides the tools needed to communicate — to hear and to be heard. All couples struggle – this isn’t only happening for you. The group sessions will reveal common issues that create conflict and provide a comfortable and open place for discussion.  Each Couple College session will last 60 minutes. You’ll leave with new tools you can use to strengthen your partnership after each.


Our Couples College group will meet in-person at our office.  The group is 6 consecutive weeks. Please call or email our office to sign up, limited spots are available.


  • Communicating with affection

  • Learning to fight fairly

  • Practicing forgiveness

  • The art of compromise

Parenting 101


Burning Sage now offers a workshop completely dedicated to parenting.  Parenting is challenging, especially in today’s ever-changing world.  This is a great group for parents, caregivers, or community members. In this group participants will learn how to deal with challenging behaviors, how to help children cope with trauma, how child and adolescent development plays a role and much more. Workshop participants will learn:


  • Self regulation

  • Effective communication with children

  • Child and adolescent development research on behaviors and addiction

  • Effective “No-Drama” discipline

  • And much more

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