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At Burning Sage Therapy, we offer a variety of services ranging from individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, child therapy, group therapy, therapy for first responders, LGBTQIA and 2STNB therapy.

See each service we offer in more detail below! Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about any of them.

Individual Therapy

We'll develop a plan together to help you heal and grow.

It's normal to face ups and downs throughout life. But when stress, unexpected changes, and feelings of loss or conflict leave you feeling ungrounded, individual therapy can help you recapture your sense of self.

The challenges that worry you do not have to be resolved on your own. We'll work with you to create a real, practical plan - so you can find direction, relief, and peace. We won't judge, or simply remain silent and nod - our therapists will listen, understand, and help you plan real-life solutions.

We specialize in treatment for:

Loss & Mourning


Loss of Job

Anxiety: panic attacks, constant worry, social anxiety

Depression: feeling down or "blah", mood disorders

Self-Esteem: self-doubt, wondering "am I good enough?"

Transitions: retirement, empty nesting, career changes, new parent, blending families, divorce

Cultural Issues

Family Issues


Domestic Violence


Finding Your Purpose

Person Sitting On Rock
Individual Therapy
Couple Dancing

Couples Therapy

Get back what brought you together.

Relationships can be difficult. But we're not here to judge yours - we're here to offer solutions to its problems. Whether you're facing marriage, dating or family issues, couples therapy can give you the rules on how to play well together. No matter how hurt, angry or confused you are, we'll give you a roadmap to a happy relationship, and show you examples of how it's done successfully.

Couples Therapy

Child Therapy

Help your child feel better again.

Children deserve access to quality mental healthcare. Your child will encounter various obstacles throughout their life. Oftentimes, they might not have the skills necessary to navigate these obstacles effectively. Counseling offers the opportunity for your child to learn and practice new skills to help manage these obstacles, as well as help your child communicate their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a helpful way. Counseling offers a safe space to explore things in life that your child may be struggling with. It is a healthy and self-caring way for your child to work on themselves and learn better ways to handle their thoughts, feelings, relationships, and home life. Together, we can look at barriers that are keeping your child from reaching the results you hope for. We can also help them manage the symptoms that are creating distress in their life, whether it be grief, trauma, or impulse control issues.

We know how painful it is to see your child struggling, particularly when you're not sure how to make it better. Our therapists have the tools and experience to help your son or daughter navigate life's challenges.

Over time, child and adolescent therapy can help:

- Understand the real issues going on that are impacting your child

- Relieve feelings of anxiety and depression

- Address behavior issues at home and/or school

- Facilitate greater communication in the family

- Develop a strategy to help your child "get back on track"

Happy Dance
Child Therapy

Family Therapy

Build a strong, healthy, happy family.

Think of families as being one single unit. If something is broken, in one part of the family, it impacts everyone else. Family therapy makes sure to address all that needs healing. We're not here to judge you - we're here to provide solutions to the problems you're having.

Over time, family therapy can help you:

- Build the foundation for a strong family unit, starting with the parents

- Understand the real issues behind family fighting

- Learn how to "get through" to one another

- Develop a clear strategy that will make a difference and works for everyone

Parenting is hard. We'll help give you the tools to make your family stronger and address the problems that need healing. You get examples that work, and find peace and happiness with your loved ones.

Family Therapy

Group Therapy

Learn about yourself in relationship with others.

Decrease your sense of isolation, experience a feeling of mutual support, and practice new relationship patterns in a group setting. Used in conjunction with individual therapy or on its own, you'll deepen your interpersonal skills, and improve your ability to form positive and open relationships.

Over time, group therapy can help you:

- Share your insights with the outside world

- Gain a greater understanding of how you work in groups and how you are perceived by others

- Get experience and support being with others who are emotionally attuned or communicative

- Gain insight on yourself applying your individual therapy to a group setting

The common goal for the group is deepening interpersonal skills, although each member may have additional goals. Each group is led by two therapists who assist members in becoming comfortable and navigating the group process.

Support Group
Group Therapy
Image by Courtney Wentz

Therapy for First Responders

You serve our community during the most intense times and Burning Sage would like to thank you for your service. As a first responder, you are exposed to trauma on a daily basis. This can become very heavy and weigh on your personal growth and important relationships. Don't go through this alone - please! Counseling offers a safe space to explore aspects of your life that may not be working well. It is a healthy and self-caring way to work on yourself and learn better ways to handle your thoughts, feelings, and the trauma that is ever present in your work. Together we can explore your experiences, look at barriers you're facing and find the best ways to help you move forward. We can help you manage the symptoms that are creating distress in your life, whether it be depression, anxiety, or trauma.

Sometimes life just gets the better of you. When your days are spent helping and protecting members of our community, it probably seems like there's just not enough time or energy to take care of yourself. When this happens, you find yourself going through the motions of your day rather than actively living and enjoying it.

This doesn't mean you can't find a way to be present in your current life or to slow down and enjoy the little things. It simply means you need a little guidance to learn the skills necessary to improve your quality of life. While everyone faces stress at work, your friends outside of the First Responder community might not be able to truly understand what you go through. We can help you as you process stressful or traumatic events and help you discover coping mechanisms to move forward and live your life fully!

First Responders


(Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, Intersex, Agender/Asexual/Ally & Two (2) Spirit, Transgender, Nonbinary)

We're here to offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you to be you. A space that is free from micro aggressions and discrimination. A space that is open, affirming, and ready for you.

Counseling offers a safe spaces to explore things in life - the good, the bad, and the in-between. Counseling is a healthy and self-caring way to work on yourself and learn better ways to handle your thoughts, feelings, relationships, home, and work life. Together we can look at barriers that are keeping you from creating the change you are seeking and find the best ways to implement those changes.

When you don't feel like you can be who you are, you might find yourself going through the motions of your day rather than actively living and enjoying it. Life brings all kinds of situations our way. Sometimes we encounter stressful or painful situations that leave you feeling anxious, depressed, and lonely. Sometimes you find yourself overcome with joy and you're left wondering how you can make more space for happiness in your life. Sometimes you just want a place where you can take off the mask and just be really raw and real.

You don't have to manage it alone. You don't have to bottle up your joy or your shame or anything else you're feeling. Instead of being stuck in this place, you can learn to love and care for yourself and concentrate on the things in life you truly value.

Man with Pride Flag

What is an Emotional Support Animal? 

If you have an emotional or psychological condition, an emotional support animal can be a great therapeutic option for you. The presence of comforting animals has been proven to enhance dopamine levels. This means that keeping a furry friend at your side can decrease anxiety and stabilize your emotions. Therefore having an emotional support animal can be a major asset for many people.

While they can be a great source of support, dealing with the logistics of having emotional support animals can be tricky at times. There is a lot of confusion about the difference between emotional support animals and service dogs, as well as which places emotional support animals get access to legally.

Contact our Office for more information 

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